Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Darin's 10 point BUCK 10/5/08

Darin & I took a quick vacation to Preston, MN to enjoy some camping and hunting. The camping was nice & relaxing, the hunting was good for Darin at least since I don't hunt, but I did get to help track his deer. He went out Saturday night while I stayed at camp and enjoyed a fire with his aunt MaryEllen and uncle Ted, Darin came back to camp and said that he had shot a big buck but since it was getting dark he decided to track it in the morning. We found him about 50 yards from where he shot it but so had the coyotes. He was still very excited, this is the biggest Buck he has shot so far with his bow.


Jen said...

Yea! Another post!

Congrats on the big buck, Darin!!

wendall said...

Now, if only Darrin could transfer his efforts of harpooning a buck into his golf game!!!! Seriously, awesome big buck Darrin. Congratulations!!!!