Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing the Cottrell3 Blog

OK, Here we go with this Blogging stuff, I'm following the lead of my sister-in-law as I enjoy her Blog.

What have we been up to? Well:

MAY: We went camping in Preston, MN for Turkey hunting and Ryan was the only successful hunter

JUNE: We competed in the Buffalo Triathlon. Carrie, Aaron (Darin's Brother) & Ryan did the Olympic Relay with a time of 2:59:26 Darin, Dale & Jake (2 freinds) did the Sprint Relay with a time of 1:20:49

JULY: Ryan turned 18 (AaaHhhh!!) My Dad Ken, Phyllis & my sister Kelly came for Ryan's Birthday picnic and to watch Catie & Allies Softball Tounament.

AUGUST: Not alot so far. We have been triing to finish remodeling a forclosed house we bought so we can get it on the market.