Sunday, October 26, 2008



Jenna & I started a business together, we need your help by spreading the link around.
We are starting with our baby blankets, hopefully soon we will have our cards & jewlery displayed on our site. We're having alot of fun so far, its taken some work and a few bottles of wine.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Darin's 10 point BUCK 10/5/08

Darin & I took a quick vacation to Preston, MN to enjoy some camping and hunting. The camping was nice & relaxing, the hunting was good for Darin at least since I don't hunt, but I did get to help track his deer. He went out Saturday night while I stayed at camp and enjoyed a fire with his aunt MaryEllen and uncle Ted, Darin came back to camp and said that he had shot a big buck but since it was getting dark he decided to track it in the morning. We found him about 50 yards from where he shot it but so had the coyotes. He was still very excited, this is the biggest Buck he has shot so far with his bow.


Ryan started his senior year at Buffalo High School. He decided not to play football this year so he has been working every evening after school at tires plus. "BIG NEWS" Ryan joined the MARINES, the weekend after he turned 18 he went for the physical & test. He was then offered the job he wanted so he decided to enlist. July 13th of 2009 Ryan will leave for boot camp and then train for Aircraft Mechanic. His goal right now is to work towards becoming a pilot. Hockey tryout start in a couple of weeks, so many years of hockey its sad to think this is the last year.

This is Ryan during Spirit Week at school